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What is a Satoshi?

Today, we are going to speak about something is basic to understand the world of the BTCs, something that people never explain what is it and assume that people has to know what is a satoshi? Well, let’s start by the beginning. Bitcoin is a type of coin that is use for internet business. Some countries didn’t allow you to pay with BTC, because none of the official organization that control the money in the world can control it, is a money absolutely independent. This type of money is call BTC or Bitcoin as we explain before, but there a lot of subdivisions of this type of money.

Click here! [Antibot button] Each bitcoin currency can be subdivided into smaller amounts, up to eight decimal places. There are in all the world 21millons of BTC, so their subdivision will become increasingly important during the time.

The smallest unit in which you can subdivide a bitcoin is one hundred millionths of bitcoins, is like 0,00000001. This unit is the smallest one, and is call Satoshi in honor of Satoshi Nakamoto. Who was this man? We have to start saying we don’t know if it was a man or a group of persons, because it was a project absolutely anonymous. This man was the one who introduce the Satoshi to all of us, and in the beginning this unit hasn’t got that name, but finally get it because the users call it like that. As we said before, the value of the Bitcoin is always changing, it’s depends of the people that use this type of coin.

Actually is really common to see people talking about milibitcoin that is like 0,001 BTC. There are a lot of subdivisions, and each one has his own name, but the most important and the most useful is the satoshi, because is the unit that everyone use everyday. We can said another examples of subdivisions of the BTC, like microbitcoin (0, 000001 BTC). Normally you will never heard this name, but bit because is a simplification. .

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Whats Bit Coin?

Well guys, we are going to introduce you a revolutionary and easy way to make fast and easy money, faucets of btc. What is a faucet of BTC? Well, we have to start before all of this explaining what a is a BTC. To make easy to understand, BTC is a virtual money, like euros, dollars or pennis but just for internet. You can buy whatever you want with BTC. And how much is a BTC in real money! Thats the more exciting thing about BTC, it depends! It depends on what you are thinking right now?! It just depends of the people that use this type of money. If 10 people use BTC the value is going to be lower that if 100 people use BTC. IS just an example, because thousands of people use this money actually..

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